Pre-College STEM Programs: A Showcase – July 2023 Newsletter

Through our Networked Improvement Community (NIC) – our Learning Engine – STEM PUSH works with more than 40 pre-college STEM programs (PCSPs) to strengthen their capacity to support Black, Latina/o/e and Indigenous students on a pathway to STEM undergraduate study.

Each year, STEM PUSH convenes the entire network to share areas of improvement, data on network progress and accomplishments. Convenings include sharing from learning cycles within the NIC, as well as grassroots up learning from the Network.

As we continue our research and work to broaden participation in STEM, STEM PUSH reflects on the learning shared this year – both within NIC learning cycles and unofficial sharing within the Network. This issue will highlight some of the key learnings and ideas shared during the latest STEM PUSH Network convening.

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