Our Work

The STEM PUSH Network is working to create systemic change to address inequities and broaden participation in post-secondary STEM.

We will accomplish this by developing the first national network of pre-college STEM programs and convening them to strengthen programming culminating in a new accreditation with the power to increase the number of Black, Latina/o/e and Indigenous youth being admitted into post-secondary institutions. 

Building A National Network of Pre-College STEM Programs

Mentor Training

Networked Improvement Community

Our Learning Engine

Our Networked Improvement Community (NIC) is our Learning Engine. Within the NIC, STEM PUSH convenes pre-college STEM programs to strengthen programming from research informed improvement cycles.

This work informs our quality standards for accreditation of pre-college STEM programs for consideration by admissions.

The Research

STEM PUSH will complete a longitudinal study on the impact of these pre-college STEM program experiences on student enrollment and persistence in STEM in higher education.

Accreditation and College Admissions

A Next Generation Accreditation System

All STEM PUSH Network pre-college STEM programs are aligning to our quality standards. 

Built around these quality standards, STEM PUSH has partnered with Middle States Association to build a “next-generation accreditation system” that centers equity in broadening access and participation in STEM.

Students from Group Summer Scholars Research Program at Kean University
Group Summer Scholars Research Program at Kean University
Student in Careers in Science Intern Program at California Academy of Sciences
Careers in Science Intern Program at California Academy of Sciences

From Pre-College STEM Programs to College Admissions

STEM PUSH is reinventing the relationship between pre-college STEM programs and college admissions by working with admissions offices at colleges and universities along with organizations involved in the college admissions process.

STEM PUSH hopes to better understand how pre-college STEM program experiences can support in student admissions processes and overall undergraduate trajectories.

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