STEM Learning Ecosystems

Ecosystems help connect STEM PUSH's work to greater local efforts to develop more equitable cradle to career STEM Pathways.

What is a STEM Learning Ecosystem?

STEM Learning Ecosystems harness the unique contributions of all players within a community – schools, out-of-school spaces, business, post-secondary institutions, government, etc. – to deliver STEM learning for all children.

Designed pathways enable young people to become engaged, knowledgeable and skilled in the STEM disciplines as they progress through childhood into adolescence and early adulthood.

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In the STEM PUSH Network:

Ecosystems provide place-based supports for PCSPs by connecting them to regional assets.
Ecosystems connect PCSPs with higher education admissions to foster the pathways needed for the STEM PUSH Network to increase the number of Black, Latina/o/e and Indigenous students in undergraduate STEM Programs.
Ecosystems support the scaling of best practices throughout the larger community of practice and beyond, leading to greater sustainability of the STEM PUSH Network and its resources.

Identify and support pre-college STEM programs in your region that are working to increase equity in STEM

Build connections between pre-college STEM programs and local higher education admissions departments and professionals

Identify and facilitate conversations with policymakers, funders, and other stakeholders invested in equitable STEM systems

Participating STEM Learning Ecosystems

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STEM Ecosystems