September 2023 Newsletter: Race-Conscious Decisions & College Admissions

In June 2023, the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) ruled on the use of race in the decision making process for college admissions, significantly limiting how a student’s race may be considered in the decision making process for college acceptance.

Alongside many thought leaders, organizations, and higher education professionals, the STEM PUSH Network is disappointed by the decision and we are concerned about the larger impact on students of color. Affirmative Action has long been a tool for universities and colleges to look beyond student’s test scores – measures that have long been proven to be racially biased.

Over the past four years, STEM PUSH has worked to build the capacity of pre-college STEM programs to best serve Black, Latina/o/e, and Indigenous students.

In this issue, we dig deeper into the problem that STEM PUSH is working to address: inequitable opportunities for Black, Latina/o/e, and Indigenous students in post-secondary STEM– and our plan for creating systemic change in college admissions.

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